I Believe In You

Post was created on December 11th, 2009

photo by Michael Shannon ©2001

photo by Michael Shannon ©2001

I released “I Believe In You” in 2001 and it was a mix of Christian and uplifting songs.  The title track was written for my daughter, Katie who was only 7 years old at the time.  It’s a song that goes out to all our children – we have to keep reminding them that we believe in them and that God believes in them.

One song that has really done well on this album is “My Daughter, My Friend” which I co-wrote with a friend, Carolyn Grondin.  She wrote a poem for her daughter and asked me to add some music.  It’s very difficult sometimes to make a song out a poem because the rhyming schemes can be so different.  She kindly allowed me to write a song that captured the essence of her poem and this song continues to be our most digitally-downloaded song.  You can hear it at myspace.com/jeanettearsenault.

CD is sold out.  To purchase digital downloads, click below or go buy directly from i-Tunes (iTunes badge coming)

Jeanette Arsenault: I Believe In You

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  1. Pierre Arsenault says:


    You have captured the essence of music, mind and heart with your lovely song My Daughter My Friend. I have 2 daughters of my own and we listen often to this song. The fact that your daughter later recorded with you I Can Touch The Sky (from the Woman Of The World album) shows that your daughter has grown with the love you have planted kind of like a seed. My Daughter My Friend is a constant reminder of your love towards your own. As it’s popularity grows, the message is taking root and offers a breeze of love to all who wish to receive it.

    I listen to this combination of songs on my long journeys on the road. Magic runs through me. The fact that I’ve seen with my own eyes your relationship with your daughter makes these songs so much more real, authentic.

    God bless us all.

  2. Hey Pierre!

    Thanks – so nicely said. I love that “a breeze of love”….I send that to you! XO

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