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I had the honour of singing this song for HRH Queen Elizabeth II during her “walkabout” at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa/Hull in 1992 with a 9-piece RCMP band.  That same year over the Christmas Holidays, I received a call from the Captain of HMCS Preserver – they were playing This Is My Canada over the ship’s sound system off the coast of Somalia.

I sang the song for our Canadian Olympic team in Salt Lake City, 2002 and in Athens, Greece in 2004.  On December 15th 2009, I sang it with the Spirit of the Olympics Choir at the Olympic Torch Relay Celebration in my hometown, Picton ON.

I wrote this title track song back in 1992 & released it on my first album, “From The Heart” in 1994.  It was an album of uplifting songs about Canada, everyday heroes, Acadian heritage, friendships, God and other subjects close to my heart.

I always thought I should produce a full “Canadiana” album and the time has finally come.  This CD is really a “specialty” album for school children and organizations who want to celebrate this great country of ours.   It includes 4 versions of This Is My Canada and our national anthem:  bilingual, English, French & instrumental as well as songs that are of the humourous kind like “I’m A Canadian, Eh”; “I Love Canada – It’s Winter That I Hate”; “Canada’s REALLY Big” as well as a heartfelt tribute, “Canadian Olympian’.

Have a look at a slideshow that was produced by Phil Norton ( that was played at the Olympic Torch Relay Celebration in Picton On where I co-emceed & performed:

Phil’s fabulous visuals gives the song new life!!

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Rocks and plains and visions of trains from sea to sea
Lakes & streams & passionate dreams
Of a true north strong & free
Mountains of snow, the forest below, hopes and fears
Frozen lands and the rugged hands of Canadian pioneers

This is my Canada, this is my home, my nation
From St. John’s to Victoria, this is my, this is my Canada
This is my Canada, Canada   O Canada

Torrents d’eau fraîche, dunes de sable, villages côtiers
Gens de cœur, gens d’espoir et ancêtres dévoués
Les voyageurs, coureurs de bois et casques bleus
Nos écrivains, nos poètes, nos enfants merveilleux

C’est mon cher Canada, mon pays, c’est ma patrie
De St. John’s à Victoria, c’est mon cher, mon cher Canada
Mon cher Canada, Canada  O Canada

Look to the future, learn from the past
Build today and make it last
So much to offer, so much to gain
It takes more than one link to make a chain
Pays d’beauté, pays d’merveille, tous ces gens sans pareil
C’est un monde à partager, ensemble dans l’amitié


This Is My Canada, this is my home, my nation

De St. John’s à Victoria, c’est mon cher, mon cher Canada

Mon cher Canada, Canada, O Canada

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This is my Canada, Canada, O Canada

Jeanette Arsenault: This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada