Canada’s Really Big

Post was created on August 29th, 2010

Welcome to French River, PEI

Do you live in any of these places listed below in the song? Do you know someone who does? I’m looking for photos of the local town sign or a quirky shot of your town – prefer it with a person in the photo too. I am preparing a video & would love to have a shot of all the towns mentioned in my song! So far I have St. Lois-du-Ha!Ha!, Quebec, Blissville, NB, Minto, NB, French River, PEI & New Glasgow, PEI.   My friends Norma & Ray visited Newfoundland & they added Heart’s Delight, Heart’s Desire, Waterville, Little Harbour & St. Jones Within.  Only 47 more to go!!

Hear the song:

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[cincopa AUNANN6IV6Ru]

Canada’s Really Big

Jeanette Arsenault © 2010

Canada’s a really, really, really, really big place

It’s a country of great beauty & lots of open space

Our mountains are high and our prairies never end

There are lakes & streams & rivers around almost every bend

Canada’s a country that is very, very wide

“We’re the 2nd biggest in the world”, we love to say with pride

And we have all the proof we need to back up our claim

Why we’re so big we have to recycle our names

We have 3 towns called Morris and 3 called Marysville

4 French Rivers and 5 named Waterville

We have 6 Little Harbours, ah ain’t that grand!

3 in Nova Scotia and 3 in Newfoundland

We have a Pelly and a Pelly Bay and 4 New Glasgows

4 Echo Bays and 5 Mintos

And almost 400 more places each have a twin

What a mess that puts our postal system in

Come To Canada….

With so many names the same it’s easy to see

Why in Canada we’re like one great big family

We promise you this, with no exaggeration

We have places that will spark your imagination

Like Starbuck and Skookumchuck, Snowflake and Snowfall

Bible Hill  and Blissville and Kakebeka Falls

You can find Love in Saskatchewan

In Heart’s Delight, Heart’s Desire and Matachewan

Go To St. Jones Without or St. Jones Within

Pugwash, Tatamagouche and Keeseekoowenin

Try Ecum Secum, Bella Coola or Kazabazua

And don’t you blink or you might miss  St. Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

Come to Canada……

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  1. Hi J,

    beautiful pic. Glad I was there and with my kids! We are blessed with this family of ours.

    God bless. 🙂

  2. We are indeed blessed! Thanks again for contributing to my project!!! Love to all, XO

  3. Hi Jeanette !
    This was an adventure ! It took us down pretty country roads & onto major traffic routes in Newfoundland (Newfoundposts) Hug one !!!

  4. Thanks again for the photos!!! I’m going to make it out there one of these days…..

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