Haiti’s Earthquake – One year ago today

Post was created on January 12th, 2011

Today marks one year since the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti to its very core.  The rebuilding continues, the need for aid and relief continues and the need to keep the awareness alive is vital to the survival of the people.

This is a photo of La Judée Orphanage in Gonaives, Haiti prior to the earthquake.  They are well cared for by a team of dedicated, loving people and are being supported by a host of kind, generous donors including the members of The 500 Club in Prince Edward County, Ontario where I live.

Founded by Michael Smith & Robert Wilson, the objective of The 500 Club is to find 500 people willing to pay $1/week which would be enough to feed the children for a WHOLE YEAR.  And, 100% of the money goes to the Orphanage.  We are currently nearing the 385 mark which leaves only 115 more members needed to reach our goal which I am confident we will do.

You can read more about The 500 Club on their website: http:www.haitiorphanproject.com

You can view my slideshow & song, “The Sound of Haiti”:

French version:

Want to help?  Contact me & I will connect you right away.  And PS.  SPREAD THE WORD!!!  Haiti needs our HELP!!!

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