Living YOUR Dream!

Post was created on February 21st, 2013

The Canadian Federation of University Women have invited me to speak about how I quit my day job to live my dream.

As I was preparing the slideshow and figuring out which songs I wanted to sing, I thought about both spectrums of life – as children we start out with big dreams in our hearts and then, as adults, we look back on what we have accomplished.

Our lives start with “gonna/wanna/oughta” but how will it finish?   With “oughta/coulda/shouda”? or with “did it/tried it/got the T-shirt”.

Either way, we are going to come to a point where we will look back at what we set out to do and what we ended up doing.  I want a BIG collection of T-Shirts, don’t you?

Are you living YOUR dream?

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