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Post was created on February 17th, 2014

I’ve decided to start a blog series about the wild, wacky, sometimes worrisome but always wonderful world we live in.

I love listening to radio & TV broadcasts about a wide range of issues including science, physics, architecture, culture, world issues.  It might  be unusual for a singer/songwriter but I very rarely listen to music.

I am a talk radio/educational TV junkie.  I don’t follow fictional TV series (I prefer shows like Love it or List It, Border Security, Do or Die, Museum Secrets, anything on the History Channel and most things on National Geographic channel).

Starting today is a series of blogs about subjects that interest me that are educational or fascinating or outrageous or unbelievable or incredible or mind-stumping.

My first offering is a book by Dr. Maja Djikic called “The Effect of Music and Lyrics on Personality”(http://www-2.rotman.utoronto.ca/facbios/file/%282011%29%20Djikic.pdf)  which I heard on CBC Radio Sunday Edition with Michael Enright (http://www.cbc.ca/thesundayedition/shows/2014/02/14/paying-for-organs—michaels-essay-fighting-anxiety-the-two-worlds-of-cassidy-little—documentary-a/).

You can either read her document or hear the interview podcast depending on how much time you have.  I am ALL FOR someone showing scientifically, educationally, and any other “ally” we can come up with to keep music and the arts as a crucial – yes CRUCIAL – component of a child’s development in our school system and beyond.

Comments always welcome.

Student, Newburgh Public School

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