Do Something – Anything! Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

Post was created on November 15th, 2015

Love & Peace & MusicWe are all horrified by the tragedy suffered in Paris a few days ago.

This tragedy matters to us all – we are all vulnerable to cowardly attacks that are planned and executed in the dark, behind the scenes & in secret.

That’s where cowards thrive – like all predators do.  The element of surprise and cunning premeditation.

What can we do?  How can we help?

We can start by sending out of our love, hearts & thoughts to those who lost their lives in senseless violence and to be in unity with their families, friends, communities.

This attack is not unique to Paris – there are senseless attacks all over the world and untold indignities & violence being perpetrated on people everywhere.

We cannot help them all.  But we cannot forget them either and the list of what we CAN do is long:  become an activist, send money, pray, send healing thoughts, petition politicians, write letters, write songs, march, protest, create artwork, send messages to the suffering, speak up, speak out.

Do Something – Anything!  Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

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