Prayers quote






No one likes to go through hard times.  No one wants to go through hard times.  But no one can escape going through hard times.

That’s life.  That’s living.  That’s…..growth.  Personal growth.  Finding out what your are made of at your core.  Discovering a part of you that you never knew you had.  A part of you that didn’t need to show itself until the hard times came.  But it’s there.  It’s in you. And it’s ignited when it’s needed.  When you need it to get by, need it to get through the day.  Or, need it to survive.

You pray.  People pray for you.  People pray over you.  People say “I am not one who prays but I will pray for you” and you are astounded at how that soothes, helps, relieves, massages your wounded spirit and hugs your soul.  But we shouldn’t be astounded at the power of prayer.  The power has always been there — it’s just that we don’t know how powerful it is until we need it most.