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On April 19, 2018, Heaven gained a new Heavenly Star – my daughter, Kaitlin Angeline Shannon.

Kait was a bright, gifted and talented young woman who excelled at pretty much everything she put her mind to – including math, calculus, piano and singing (even opera).

She excelled in her courses at Carleton University where she managed to complete 3 years of her business degree in between radiation and chemo treatments as she fought her valiant fight against cancer. Plus she tutored students. This fall, she will be awarded a special Certificate of Achievement in recognition of her accomplishments.

She was only 23 when she succumbed to her 4 year battle with cancer but she did more in that short time than many people accomplish in a lifetime. Following her funeral, a musical celebration of her life was held where over 20 musicians came from as far away as Toronto, Ottawa and Prince Edward Island to sing as a memorial tribute to her. Over 800 in attendance helped contribute to close to $15,000 raised to date for the development of what we created called “Kait’s Comfort Kits” – a kind of survival kit for those hospitalized with cancer – a way to add some normalcy into the abnormalcy of hospital living. Kait’s Comfort Kits will include natural lip balm, moisturizer, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, soft face cloths & hand towel and soft kleenex. Kait and her Mom also developed a concept for a booklet with tips & insights to help patients, loved ones, family & friends cope with hospital life.

All donations gratefully accepted. For further information, contact me at jeanette.arsenault@gmail.com or use the contact form below. 

Nail On The Head

I found "Nail On The Head" on a friend's Facebook page which she found on a page called @ourangelsinheaven - it so describes me.💜💜💜 When people ask how I am feeling..... I don't know what to do with myself half the time I hide it so very well people think I am...

Forever In My Heart

Today marks the 8th month since Kait joined the heavenly stars. How I miss her so.

My Sweet, Sweet Kait

Today would have been Kait's 24th Birthday.  Oh how I miss you my daughter, my friend XO

Heavenly Star

It’s the unimaginable. You never ever imagine that your child will pass away before you do. After a brave and fierce battle with cancer from the age of 19, she became a “Heavenly Star” 4 years later on April 19, 2018. Read more…

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels - are they real?  Do they exist?  How do you know?   You know them when you meet them.   When you experience the best in human love, caring and compassion.  Kait had been battling her cancer for 4 years and when she had a stroke in...

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Kudos for Kait

Yesterday was a very special day for our family - Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario) presented us with a posthumous Certificate of Achievement for the 3 years Kait managed to finish in between her chemo & radiation treatments.  They also allowed us to...

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