I quit my day job back in 1989 to work full time in the music business.  I had a great job at the time working on Parliament Hill in Ottawa with really good pay, good benefits and wonderful people but I knew in my heart that music was where my passion lay.  So, I decided that I did not want to be on my deathbed wondering if I could have made it.  I quit my job, bought some equipment, found an agent and promptly lived on $200 a month plus my pension money for the next 6 months.  I was officially a starving artist.

I certainly paid my dues for 10 years before I released my first album – I was playing bars, restaurants, lounges, festivals, conferences and anywhere I could throughout Eastern Ontario.  At one point, I was on the road 15 days a month.  Then in 1994, I released my debut album, From The Heart, From The Heart with a mix of songs on a wide variety of subjects:  Canada, Acadians, friendship, Christian, volunteers, love – a real eclectic mix of mostly folk/pop stuff.  This is when I set a new goal for myself:  play gigs where I could sing my own compositions.  My daughter was born that same year so I stopped playing the bar scene & started doing occasional concerts instead.  It all worked out well.

In 2001, I released “I Believe In You”, I Believe In You a mix of uplifting & Christian songs – it’s still my top seller on the digital downloads market and I still constantly get requests for songs from that album.  It sold out a long time ago but thank goodness for digital downloads.

In 2004, “Arise” Arise was released, a Christian album which includes excerpts from “11 Psalms for September 11” – a tribute to the Canadians who lost their lives in New York.  Some day, I hope to release the full musical composition on CD.  I co-wrote it with Suzanne Pasternak, a phenomenal songwriter/producer.

In 2006, “Women of the World” Women of the World was born and it includes songs written by 5 other Canadian songwriters that I admire.  There are songs in English & in French, “Amazing Grace” is sung by my neighbour who was 84 at the time and “I Can Touch The Sky” is sung by my daughter, Katie, who was 9 at the time.   So it covers a wonderful spectrum of women. In 2011, I was invited to sing the title song in Helsinki Finland by the Business & Professional Women International to open their World Congress in their 4 official languages:  English, French, Italian, Spanish (you can find all 4 versions on iTunes)

2009 saw the release of  “This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada”, This Is My Canada a specialty CD designed for students and organizations who wish to organize events that celebrate our country.  I sang this song for our Canadian Olympic athletes in Salt Lake City, 2002 and in Athens, Greece in 2004 along with “Canadian Olympian/Olympien Canadien”.  And, on December 15, 2009, I sang both songs at the Olympic Torch Relay Celebration in Picton, ON along with my trio Trinity and the Spirit of the Olympics Choir.  It’s been a joyous adventure and I can’t wait to see where This Is My Canada is going to take me next!  In 2016, I launched “This Is My Canada Presents” to showcase other Canadian singer/songwriters in preparation for my cross Canada tour in 2017 for Canada 150.

2010 I launched “I Wish I Had Wings”, I Wish I had Wings an album of inspirational songs and songs that raise awareness for causes that are close to my heart such as “The Sound of Haiti”; “You Know Who I Am” (mental health issues); “Angels” (the choking game); “Secret Dreams” (educating girls around the world); and, “United We Stand, Divided We’ll Never Fall (families of our soldiers – the Invisible Army).  I have also included 4 French songs on this project so it should reach a wider audience for the causes I am promoting.

2013 launched “AcadieODYSSEY”  AcadieODYSSEY – a tribute to my Acadian roots and a companion to my newest show “I’m An Acadian-Canadian, Eh!” – a poignant look at my Acadian heritage through storytelling & song for an English & bilingual audience.  Songs include originals such as “Acadian Moon”, “I Am An Acadian” and “Josephine, Acadian Queen” as well as traditional French songs like “Un Acadien errant”, “Partons la mer est belle” & of course the Acadian national anthem “Ave Maris Stella”.

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