About Me

JA Laugh 2bYou’ve found me!  I’m so happy!

I sing, I write, I record and I have released 7 solo albums plus an album with my gospel trio, Trinity, since 1994.

Singing & writing are where I have found my groove (so to speak) in life and my biggest dilemma is how to classify what I do into genres.  I can tell you what I am not:  hip hop, jazz, blues, pop, rock, folk, etc.  So what am I?  I can best sum it up by saying that I write & sing uplifting songs about women, my country, God, social issues and things that matter to me.    I also LOVE a good turn of a phrase and like to write “goofy” songs like “I’m a Canadian, Eh” or “My Forgetter’s Getting Better” or “The Hardware Song”.

I love what I do, I love where I live and the people in this community – I feel a true sense of place and of belonging.  God is the centre of my life and my family & friends are blessings on my journey.

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