Fan Comments

Jeanette is a bilingual singer/songwriter whose shows range from motivating, uplifting and contemplative to laugh-out-loud, clap along, sing along fun, high energy.  Her repertoire is a mix of original and well-known/well-loved songs always geared to the audience.

Here are what some people are saying about Jeanette:

“Her music is lyrical and makes you feel good”, Janet K.

“vibrant energy, joie-de-vivre, sparkle, enthusiasm, optimism, sincerity”, Shauna H.

“Her music is a vibration of the heart”, Lise B,

“Her generous spirit, enthusiastic and positive outlook on life, love and family are the strongest threads in all her music”, Lenni S.

… heart-warming, joyful, loving and dynamic… Her voice is beautiful, soothing and energizing at the same time. There is so much sincerity and truth in her lyrics that everyone is touched and  elevated because she writes from the soul and sings from the heart”,  Angele A, songwriter

“Her voice emerges from the depths of her soul, her very being”, Carolyn G.

“Her music moves everyone who hears it….awakens the spirit within”, Lauria MacD.

“Her spirit just lifts everyone to a better place”, Bev T.

“She inspires you to connect with yourself, with others & with God”, Nat J.

“Her energy inspires you to rise & shine”, Shauna H.

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