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Women of the World


Jeanette, you were, as usual, awesome yesterday and it was a joy to watch your audience respond to your heartfelt music.  As always, I felt a certain sense of pride that you are one of us and how wonderful it is to introduce you to and share you with a whole new group of people.  I hope you understand what I mean in that regard.  Last night we listened to the CD I got from you and ! was transported.  I LOVE the songs on it.

You are gifted and it is a blessing that you choose to share your gift so generously.       Sharon V

Thanks again for the super performance you gave yesterday in Belleville.  What a remarkable  voice you have!

Sylvia C

I am one of the Quite Grannies who was at the Gathering. Just had to tell you how your presence,music, committment and heart contributed so much to our Gathering.
I had the pleasure of sitting next to Paola, our guest speaker and author of Grandmother Power,  in the evening and she sang your praises as well.
She commented about the energy in the room and how she responds to that  energy. Am sure you can relate to that!!!!!
Thank you for your contribution to our successful day.

Theresa Taylor

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance on Sauturday at the Grandmothers meeting in Belleville.  I can still hear the songs reverberating in my mind.
But, I would love to be able to play them for friends.  How can I get a copy of your CD “Women of the World” to start with? I can send you a credit card number if that would work for you, or perhaps you know a location selling your CD’s near me.  I am in Toronto.

Keep on songwriting and singing.  You have a gift. it was certainly a pleasure to meet you.

Ruthann H.

I wanted to tell you how inspiring you were at the ORRG conference! I came away completely reenergized.

Janet S.

Just wanted to tell you that this – ” I loved Jeanette Arsenault (what a treasure)” – has been what we are hearing since Saturday.  The word treasure is the one most often used to describe you.

Thought you’d like to know that!

Sharon V.

Hello Jeanette,  I wanted to let you know that I have been listening to your c.d.s non stop since we met last week in Belleville.  It was so kind of you to drop into the B&B and to share your loving kindness with all of us from Barrie and our special guest Paola.

Your music is so inspiring…we are loving your music and your spirit that comes through loud and clear in your lyrics…

Angels, in amazing…your song for me goose bumps…basically I should say both c.d.s are astonishing, amazing, astounding, and any other “a” words that mean fantastic.

We have been so blessed being a part of the Grandmother’s Campaign….we have added you to our list of blessings.

thank you so much, it was so lovely to meet you and spend an evening with you,..I hope that we will meet again

stay well,  God bless,

Joanne S.

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