Comments: I’m An Acadian-Canadian, Eh!

“I’m An Acadian-Canadian, Eh?”

A tribute to my heritage and tells of the tragic as well as the triumphant part of little known Canadian history through songs & storytelling sprinkled with humour.


Jeanette’s performance yesterday was wonderful. She is so multitalented, so full of energy and most of all, is so sincere and empathetic. Her heart is right out there–she reminds me of Celine Dion–what you see is what you get, with the emotion and caring and feeling that go along with it. It was a privilege to be there.

I could also have added it was educational , moving and funny–oh I could go on!


Just a short note before I head off to bed tonight to say how much I enjoyed today’s wonderful and heartwarming performance.  You were exceptional in so many ways – the voice, the variety of musical instruments, the humor, the sincerity, the weaving of so many elements connected all of us to your heart and your history.
We all come from different backgrounds, but you found the common threads that tie us to each other – witness the tears, the laughter, the many hugs and the deep affection we all have for you.
Thank you for sharing your many gifts.
Tu as le voix d’une ange, l’esprit de ton grand-mère et le coeur d’une femme extraordinaire!  :)You have such incredible talent, energy and warmth.  This city most certainly needs some of that!  🙂


What a great show that was yesterday.  I really had to spend time digesting it after I came home.  It was fabulous the way you incorporated your music into your Acadian story.  Simply amazing.

Another Mama Mia performance where they did the same thing with their music.  Thanks for asking me.  It all went off perfectly.

Thanks again and again and again.


I thoroughly enjoyed your show yesterday afternoon. You certainly
demonstrated that you have a penchant for both humour and pathos, as well as your superb singing voice. You’re ability to engage an audience was never in doubt!


What a fun little show you performed today – You Rock !

I think that you have a little gem to take to the people.  You did an
outstanding job – your ancestors would be proud ! I would imagine a one woman show to be the most difficult to pull off successfully, but you did it !   You deserved that standing ovation !


I have seen  you perform in the past, and before yesterday’s show I was already convinced that you are not only a woman of many musical and acting talents, but an exceptional
woman who knows how to get her message across to the world in a caring and heartfelt fashion.

Your warm personality, your expressive voice, your lively energy and optimism …not to mention your humor….gave us all a breath of fresh air….and I am certain that every person in attendance would agree that we left the Wellington uplifted and happy. Your performance was able to emote so…many emotions…and I am certain at times during the show…there
was not a dry eye….Each of us received a gift from you on Sunday….And I thank you for that gift to the human race, to our community and our circle of friends….

Once again Jeanette takes you on a musical journey with her beautiful clear voice, infectious personality and big heart. And no wonder …….. she’s an Acadian!! Her new ‘one-woman-show’ not only showcases some of her best songs she has written over the years but weaves them so well into a personal story of her ancestry and family roots. As an Acadian myself it brought me to tears one minute while cracking me up the next just thinking of my own heritage! Bravo Jeanette you’ve got a GEM and a one-of-a-kind  show and I know it is going to take off!!


Delightful Entertainer!  Jeanette brought back so many memories of living down East and attending Acadian Festivals during the summers.  She sings like an angel and the lyrics of her songs are so powerful and meaningful.  Even if you don’t have Acadian roots, this is  truly a  “must see” show by all.


I have spoken to a lot who raved about your show.    It’s a day we won’t forget here for a long time.


I just loved your show yesterday. It really made my day.


Thank you – it was a very nice morning and Jeannette was very good.


“What an incredibly entertaining performance!  It is rare in this day and age to see the passion and devotion for one’s heritage that Jeanette has.  Her performance was funny, emotional and educational all at the same time.  Jeanette is an extremely gifted women and a great inspiration.  You are truly one of a kind Jeanette!”


I was unable to stay and talk after the show yesterday, just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed it, you are certainly a gifted lady, I picked up your CD Women of the World as a door prize and love it, looking to get another one down the road.


Ma nièce Jeanette qui habite l’Ontario, présentait son nouveau spectacle à 50 membres de notre famille.  I am an Acadian, Canadian, eh! raconte la vie d’une acadienne, sa mère et sa grand mère à travers l’histoire, les chansons et l’humour Tout simplement une révélation! Je suis tellement fière de son travail passionné et je sais qu’elle aura beaucoup de succès avec cette production! Go Jeanette Arsenault!!!!!!


As for the show there were so many moments I loved. My mom can attest to the fact that when you sang the song about your daughter, your friend, your mother your friend….we both cried. That will resonate with every female in the audience. I loved the entrance. I love how the show goes from songs that are touching to moments that make me laugh.

I am so impressed with this show. The concept is novel…I don’t know that it’s been done before. You’re educating the anglophones…and francophones can enjoy it too!

down the road, I would love to see it become even more tailored to francophones….un spectacle completement en francais qui nous donne cette fierte de notre heritage. so two versions.


I just wish to say to everyone in the Toronto area to go see Jeanette’s show. You won’t regret it! We’re still buzzing about it a week later. It deserves to be seen across Canada and it will! A true gem for the whole family and for all nationalities!!!


Don’t miss this real treat of Jeanette’s songs and stories. I am an Acadian Canadian Eh She is not only a great storyteller who has thevoice of an angel, you will laugh and cry both in the same breath. INSPIRING is the only way to describe her.


From the moment I heard Jeanette’s clear crisp voice a cappela coming onstage at the start in “Celebration”, I was emotionally drawn into her music and the story lying beneath.  This is the best of Jeanette.  The memories she shares makes you both laugh and cry at times.  Thank you Jeanette, for giving me the desire through your work to discover more about my own ancestry.  All the best to you in this project.


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