Worthy Causes

How does one go about choosing a worthy cause? There are so many! And we cannot possibly cover them all – there aren’t enough hours in a day.

Most times, I come across a story that moves me deeply and I end up writing a song about it – which is my way of helping to raise awareness and funds, such as “Secret Dreams” for or “The Sound of Haiti”. Sometimes, I get approached to write a song for a cause such as “United We Stand, Divided We’ll Never Fall” for the Invisible Army and “You Know Who I Am” for the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.

We cannot possibly do it all but we can do something – so please: pick a cause…or two…and know that you can make a difference with your contribution. I picture our world as a huge puzzle and we each have a unique piece that fits – we just have to find that spot where our piece fits in.

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