When I heard about the earthquake in Haiti, I was as moved as everyone else by the plight of the Haitians so I wrote “The Sound of Haiti” to help raise funds.  I premiered it at a fundraising concert in January 2010 which was put together in only 9 days and featured over 40 musicians, raising over $16,000 in 3 hours thanks to the generosity of the people of Prince Edward County.

And thanks to the generosity of several musicians and recording studios, we recorded the song in just 4 hours.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to Zeke Mazurek, Tony Silvestri, Micheline Lortie, Kim Inch & Renie Thompson for lending their musical and vocal talents.  A HUGE thank you to Brent Bodrug of Sly-Fi Chapel Studios & Greg Geeves of Oxford Productions for their excellent recording & producing skills.  I am including “The Sound of Haiti” on my newest album, “I Wish I Had Wings” due out this fall.

I am also a founding director of the “500 Club”, a group of volunteers from Prince Edward County dedicated to helping feed the children of a Haitian orphanage, The La Judee Orphanage, which is housed in the Bethel Pentecostal Church in Gonaives, Haiti.  Our goal is to coordinate 500 people at $1/week which will feed all the children at the orphanage for one year.  And it is important to note that there are NO overhead or administrative costs – EVERY dollar goes to the support & care of the children.

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Please take a moment to view a slideshow with photos provided by Phil Carpenter of the Montreal Gazette to go along with my song, “The Sound of Haiti” & “Réveil en Haïti” (French lyrics by Micheline Lortie)

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