Invisible Army

Who is the Invisible Army?

They are “the mothers, fathers, spouses, children, siblings, friends and loved ones who all share one thing in common.  A family member or friend who is serving with Canada’s military.  Both at home and around the globe”

Coordinated through the Military Family Resources Centre, I was fortunate to have been asked by one of their tireless volunteers, Al McRobb, to write a song paying tribute to the families of our soldiers.  Thus “United We Stand, Divided We’ll Never Fall” was born.  Read more on Al’s blog:

I also had the great pleasure of meeting Charlene McInnis, the PEI Military Family Support Coordinator – so dedicated and so energetic!  She, along with the rest of the staff & volunteers at MFRC, are working very hard to raise awareness throughout the country for the Invisible Army.  I am proud to be a part of this wonderful cause & help in any way I can to help recognize the efforts for families & communities who support our Canadian soldiers.  I have included my new song, “United We Stand (Divided We’ll Never Fall”, on my next album due out by Christmas 2010 called “I Wish I Had Wings”.


Jeanette Arsenault & Greg Geeves ©2010


You said that you’d always believe in me

And understand why I have to go

I told you how strong I needed you to be

More than you’ll ever know


I’m ready to fight for what’s right

With honour and dignity

I know I can make it through the darkest night

As long as you walk with me


For united we stand, divided we’ll never fall

As long as you’re here by my side

I know that you understand why I answered the call

It’s a matter of duty & pride

So thank you for loving me, who’s loving you


We’re fighting for freedom and justice for all

Each of us in our own way

Together, united & standing tall

With love in our hearts we pray


That no matter how much we have to sacrifice

And do what we have to do

We are both willing to pay that price

Because of what we hold true




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