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What’s that expression “that was then, this is now”?  Well, this photo was taken back then on Whistler Mountain in British  Columbia back in October 2014.

I was the VIA Rail Artist on Board and sang 3 times a day for 3 days on a moving train each way from Toronto to Vancouver & back.

I wrote songs, took photos and could scarcely take in all the magnificent scenery though the 5 provinces we rode through:  Ontario, Manitoba Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.  And all during the peak of the fabulous fall season!  A train ride of a lifetime.  (Read my October 2014 blogs about my travels – all 21 of them!)

In 2016 I premiered my “This Is My Canada Presents” series at Eastminster United Church and featured Canadian songwriters who had to play/sing only Canadian songs written by them or other Canadian songwriters. (



And now?

Well I am glad you asked!

This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada is on track to make a national splash — I am in the planning stages with a Juno Award Winning singer to sing the lead along with award winning musicians to create a new version.  And a brand new video will be shot by an award winning videographer who has created videos for Willy Nelson & Lyle Lovett, to name a few.


I am launching my Canada 150 show for schools, “Proud to be Canadienne, eh!” in …… MAPLE, Ontario!  How Canadian, eh!

I am also creating another Acadian-Canadian show to be premiered Fall 2017 in Belleville ON.  It will include an Acadian feast of fiddling, stepdancing, spoonplaying, harmonica, accordian, singing & stories.

I finished recording 30 songs for a double children’s album and somewhere this year, I will find a window to finally release them.

So….what does 2017 look like for you?

Below is a video of me singing at The Empire Theatre in Belleville ON for the Bellevegas fundraiser for Quinte Arts Council in 2015.

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May you always remember to live in the NOW!


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