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This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada has been re-recorded by Canadian Artists who have 6 Grammy and 13 Juno Awards between them.  Stay tuned for launch date/place this Spring.

The Story So Far

I earned the title, “Ms. Canadiana” ever since I started writing songs about Canada back in 1992 and talking about releasing a full album of Canadian songs some day. Well, that day finally arrived!

1992 was a very busy year. I wrote my “Canada song” while sitting in the Ottawa Public Library, in the Canadian section, where I started to write down lists of Canada’s accomplishments which I thought I would cleverly put into rhymes. By page 30, I realized that my song was going to be longer than “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”!

So I decided to try to capture the pride I felt about Canada with imagery and I remember sitting in the middle of my living room and crying while I wrote the final version – I was feeling so passionate proud to be Canadian.

That same year, I was invited to sing My Canada song, accompanied by a 9-piece RCMP band, for HRH Queen Elizabeth II during her walkabout at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa/Hull.

Plus it was chosen that year as the official song for the HMCS Preserver while on overseas duties. The Captain actually called me over the Christmas period from the ship in the middle of the ocean to say they were playing it over the ship’s sound system for the sailors.

And finally, the song was adopted by the Kinsmen & Kinette Clubs of Canada as their official song for their “Proud To be Canadian” cross-country campaign. (Read more on page 9 here:

They invited me to sing it in various cities across Canada. They also paid for the cost of manufacturing it on cassette with another song I wrote called “I’m A Canadian, Eh”. But that’s another story!

Over the years, I have sung my songs at various shows and then an opportunity of “Olympic “proportions presented itself.

In 2002, 10 years after giving a copy of the song to a special events company called Festivex, they called to ask me if I wanted to sing it at a special pre-Games reception for our Canadian Olympic team in Salt Lake City. Could I also write a bilingual commemorative song? Oh, and by the way, it had to be submitted in 3 days. Thus “Canadian Olympian/Olympien Canadien” (“My Olympic” song) was born. I sang both songs accompanied by a children’s school choir from North Ogden.

Then in 2004, for the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, I was asked once again to write a special song commemorating Canada’s 100th year participating in the Olympics and she wrote “One Dream/Un Rêve”. This time I added a few Greek words at the beginning so in effect, it is a trilingual song.

On December 15, 2009, I was asked to organize, perform & emcee the musical portion for the Olympic Torch Relay in Picton, ON. I sang both This Is My Canada and Canadian Olympian with my trio, Trinity and accompanied by the “Spirit of the Olympics” choir.

On July 4, 2015, I sang This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada for the 2015 PanAm Games Torch Relay in Trenton, ON.

One of the best parts of my Olympic experience is being able to talk to young people in this area and tell them that you don’t have to live in a big city to live your dream. Just do your best, work hard and do what you love to do right where you live. And, dream big!

 ThisIsMyCanada/Mon cher Canada  is a specialty album geared to schools and organizations that want to organize Canadian special events.  It includes 4 versions of This Is My Canada and O Canada:  English, French, Bilingual and Instrumental.
To purchase CD:  click here.  Also available on i-Tunes.
SHEET MUSIC for choirs and for orchestras for This is My Canada/Mon cher Canada also available by e-mailing me.This Is My Canada Presents

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