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photo by Mia Lane ©2004

photo by Mia Lane ©2004

“Arise” was released in 2004 & included some very special songs that continue to resonate with people (so they tell me).  I co-wrote a musical piece with playwright/songwriter/producer Suzanne Pasternak entitled “11 Psalms For September 11” to honour the Canadians who lost their lives in New York on September 11, 2001.  It was written in 4 movements:  The Attack, The Search, Courage & Hope.   I only included a few excerpts and we still hope to record the entire 45 minute piece in future.

One cute story about the recording process:  On the last day of August, 2006, I was driving to Ottawa with 3 young teenage girls who were going to record background vocals on the title track song, “Arise”.  On the Highway 49 bridge, I noticed smoke coming out of my exhaust so I made the decision to drive to Canadian Tire in Napanee – it was only a 5 minute drive & was closer than turning back to Picton at that point.  To make a long story short, it needed a special part & they just happened to have it (thank you Lord!) so while we were waiting, we were rehearsing the song in the parking lot, much to the delight of the mechanics & customers.  It was indeed a blessed day because the girls were heading back to school and we would have had no other opportunity to get them to the studio.

Jeanette Arsenault: Arise

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