From the Heart (1994)

This CD is SOLD OUT!


I gave birth to my debut album the same year I gave birth to my daughter – Album in September and baby in December. Not something I would necessarily recommend that anybody should plan to do. I had worked for 2 years – back and forth to Ottawa – recording the album and planning my national tour to launch it. But I chose Mommy-hood over Music-hood and it turned out to be the best decision of my life.  

An eclectic array of songs, it’s more of a songwriter’s showcase. I have re-recorded most of these songs on some of my other albums. 

1. Everyday Heroes 

2. Turn to You 

3. Juliana 

4. Acadian Moon (re-recorded on AcadieODYSSEY) 

5. This Is My Canada (New official video link under album, This Is My Canada)

6. I’m A Canadian, Eh (re-recorded – see This Is My Canada) 

7. Let Me Give You Rest 

8. Falling Love With You 

9. J’m’appelle Evangéline 

10. You Never Promised Me