I Believe In You (2001)

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This album is one I will always hold closest to my heart. Each song is very personal and written from my spiritual centre. It was my second recording project and as I did for my first album, I drove back and forth – 3 hours each way – to the studio in Ottawa once a week for over 2 years to record the songs. I worked hard at finding gigs to make enough money to record and finally, it was ready for release in 2001.

1. I Believe In You 

2. You Are Always There 

3. Celebrate 

4. My Daughter, My Friend 

5. I, Mother Earth 

6. Non Nobis Domine

7. Gloria 

8. Jesus Walked With Me 

9. Nothing Greater 

10. One Step At A Time 

11. Silence 

12. Trust In Me 

13. My God 

14. The Way You Love Me 

15. Friendship Blessing (choral score available)