Written by Jeanette

Artist Spotlight

Suzanne Pasternak

UPDATE – sadly Suzanne passed away September 3, 2023. Gone but never forgotten. Miss you my musical Big Sis. XO

Prince Edward County storyteller Suzanne Pasternak is preparing her massive PEC marine history collection for deposit in the Mariner’s Park Museum Library.  (Article from March 13, 2020)

Music Review

Dictator: Anthem For A Doomed Youth

There is a spunk & drive in the upcoming generation.  They see a broken world and they are determined to make it better.  Yes they are angry at what they see we’ve done with our turn at running the world. (Article from February 27, 2020)

Music Review

Connor Fyfe: Don’t

Up until now, I have been only writing song reviews and to be honest, I really wasn’t sure I wanted to write about albums because then you have to listen to all the songs, hope you like them, pick out your faves, try to say something nice about the ones you don’t like.  Be polite.  Be encouraging.  

Music Review

Nick Byrne: Houses

Nick Byrne’s latest single, “Houses” had me at the opening guitar intro.  And then I heard his voice.  Can a person be hooked that quickly?   (Article Published February 25, 2020)  

Music Review

Matthew Barton-Fag+Glass Swan

My first impression was:  I’m not feeling his vibe – I found it hard to get past the audio production which sounded like a homemade recording in his basement.  (Article Written: March 30, 2020)