This Is My Canada

Photo by Jessica Mulholland ©2009

I write songs about Canada including “This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada” which I sang for our Olympic teams in Salt Lake City (2002) & Athens Greece (2004).

The song has now been re-recorded with Lead Canadian Artists who, combined, have 6 Grammy & 13 Juno Awards.  They were accompanied by some of Canada’s finest session players, a 30-member youth choir and there was a special appearance by an indigenous dancer in the HD music video.  The launch will be announced beginning of May 2017.

My original version also includes, “I’m A Canadian, Eh”, “I Love Canada (it’s winter that I hate), “Canadian Olympian/Olympien canadiens”  as well as “Canada’s Really Really BIG” — and try to sing along with the last chorus!

In 2016 I premiered my new concert series “This Is My Canada Presents” showcasing fabulous well-loved talented musicians including Marie-Lynn Hammond (Stringboard), Andy Forgie, The Starpainters & Tom Leighton with Conrad Kipping.

Marie-Lynn Hammond January 2016

Marie-Lynn Hammond

Andy Forgie April 2016

Andy Forgie













The Starpainters June 2016

The Starpainters

Tom Leighton & Conrad Kipping September 2016

Tom Leighton & Conrad Kipping









I was the VIA Rail Artist on Board in 2014 from Toronto to Vancouver & all the way back – 3 shows/day for 3.5 days in both directions on a moving train.  See my photos & blogs & new songs as a result.

VIA Rail Artist on Board 2014 Mountains & tracks







Toured throughout the Maritimes with my musical theatre show “I’m An Acadian-Canadian, eh!” and also went on a photographic adventure in Newfoundland which resulted in yet unreleased new song, “You’re Gonna Love Newfoundland and Labrador”.


A foggy day in Newfoundland ©2015

A foggy day in Newfoundland

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