Welcome to Episode 20 in my 2024 Monday Music Matters :Song-A-Week” series of stories in memory and in honour of my daughter, Kait

Link: Karaoke version

Last week I posted my version of this song because I wanted to find a fun way for kids to learn about Canada through the alphabet.  But when I would sing it at a school, I realized that it would be even more fun if the children came up with the words so I decided to record a second one as a karaoke version.  

Teachers and parents can work with their students/children on coming up with descriptive words of things you find in Canada for each letter of the alphabet. Try to stay true to what we find in Canada – “E” for elephant is kind of a stretch even if it’s in a zoo. 

Then when the list is ready, children can sing along with their own words that they came up with.  

Collaborative songwriting!

Hope you have fun with the song.  Feel free to share.

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The first story, Malaika, gives you a bit of a background of why I embarked on this 52 week journey.

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