It’s the unimaginable.  You never ever imagine that your child will pass away before you do.  After a brave and fierce battle with cancer from the age of 19, she became a “Heavenly Star” 4 years later on April 19, 2018.

A Tribute to the amazing caring staff at Ottawa General Hospital. Designed by Jennifer Litke

Please take a moment to read about her under the tab “Kait’s Comfort Kits” to learn about how she wanted to help others cope with their own health situations.  Feel free to leave a comment or to reach out to me if I can help you by sharing my experience as a mother and a caregiver/advocate.

A special Thank You to Susan Pomfret for capturing this journey we were on over these past few years in her new Forte magazine – you can read the article here:

Photo by Norma Langrish @2012

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