A year ago today, Kait had a stroke that changed everything. Still having a hard time believing that a year has gone by since that heart-pounding day.

I received a call at 4AM that she was at the Picton Hospital so I raced from Belleville to be with her. She was able to talk and was her usual optimistic, determined self. We had to then drive to the Belleville Hospital for CT scans. I am choking up remembering how I felt when cars pulled off to the side of the road on Highway 62 in both directions as we followed the ambulance with sirens blaring. I still cry every time I meet an ambulance on the road as I pull over along with other cars to let it go by and say a little prayer for the person & their loved ones.

Her Dad, Michael, and I along with our family, thank you all for your continued loving support as we continue to wrestle with a life without our sunshiny, bright beautiful Kait on this planet. I wrote a poem to mark this day. It’s my way of trying to find solid ground on key days that shake my very foundation. XO