Photo by Val Carey @2015 Trenton, Ontario

Our little song that could, as I like to call it, has been chugging along beautifully on its own while I had to withdraw from the world for a while during a time of tremendous grieving.

My world will never be the same and at the moment, as I start to emerge, 2 things are keeping me going:  Kait’s Comfort Kits (read about them by clicking on the above tab) and my various projects related to “This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada”.  Our video now has over 313,000 YouTube views ( as at August 2019)  all on its own steam so that is encouraging that it is still of interest to people!  Keep viewing/keep sharing.

I am working with an organization called “Young Imaginations” that teaches Canadian history through the arts.  The plan is to incorporate “This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada”.  As well, I am in the midst of writing about the history of the Acadians, my ancestry to add to their programming.

So history, music and education are my next career direction incorporating a lot of what I have been doing and have been interested in most of my life.

And finally, a message to Dream Team Canada:  thank you for your patience and understanding.  I have Certificates for all of you which I will be arranging to distribute to each of you at some point.  They have been in the back of my car for almost 2 years now!  But that’s life for you.  Doesn’t always move in the direction you are going.

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(Photo credit:  Val Carey, Pan Am Games Torch Relay, 2015, Trenton, ON)