These are extraordinary times.  The whole world is dealing with the devastating effects of a severe pandemic called COVID-19.

Nuala Moran, BioWorld


It started in China and quickly spread like wildfire causing some countries to completely shut down or restrict border entries.

Many, like me, decided on a “self-imposed isolation” and cancel all out-of-our-home activities for at least the next 2 weeks – longer if needed.  Out we went to buy our supplies to tide us over.

Some went overboard buying toilet paper, hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes.  So much so that some stores stepped up and offered certain shopping hours to the elderly and the vulnerable. (Bravo to them)

Shame on the hoarders who bought up & bought out more supplies than they needed.  Double shame on the “Creeps & Crooks” as I call them who bought supplies to hold as ransom and charge double, triple times what they paid.

It started with uncertainty, then developed into concern and for some, panic as people wrestled with to go out or not to go out.  Businesses struggled with closing their doors or not.  Artists wrestled with cancelling their shows or not.


One by one, doors started closing, concerts & tours cancelled, as people realized this virus is deadly to our seniors & health-compromised family members & neighbours & friends.  This virus spreads exponentially – it is NOT the flu – and you could endanger someone if you get/give it someone. 

So people slowly started to realize that they needed to self-impose isolation & at the very least, self-distance.  And then humanity started to spread and reach out across the world through the internet.  Free virtual tours, free educational programming, free concerts – humanity as its best.

We are all in this together.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  And it’s kind of sad that sometimes it takes a major crisis for the best in us to step up. 

Yet it happens again and again. 

And it gives us hope in our fellow human beings.  And the goodness in the world.

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Thank you, Pierce (STEAM Club) for suggesting this first virtual museum site:

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