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Am enjoying a new aspect to my music career – writing music articles and reviews.  Thought I’d start a page to consolidate them all into one place:

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Quinte Arts Council

County Magazine



Music Files Blog


1.  ARTICLES:  Quinte Arts Council ‘Cultivating Creativity’ 

Suzanne Pasternak

“Suzanne Pasternak pretty much fits this description: she is a singer, songwriter, performing and recording artist, author, producer, storyteller, lecturer, folklorist, marine historian, writer and documentary filmmaker.”

Suzanne Pasternak Profile

 The Commodores Orchestra

“The longest running orchestra in North America (over 90 years).  Read all about in Andy Sparling’s fabulous book *Dance Of The Decade* – contact information is in the article.”

The Commodores Orchestra Profile

 Joe Callahan

“Singer/songwriter and generous to other musicians – both professional and amateur – by tirelessly organizing venues for them to perform at.”

Joe Callahan Profile

Tony Vani

“Almost as well known for generously encouraging/showcasing fellow musicians as he is for his versatility as a musician in his own right.”

Tony Vani Profile

Sebastian Sallans

“Violinist as well as Artistic Director of The Quinte Society for Chamber Music, Sallans has a lofty goal to make classical music accessible to all; especially in rural areas.”

Sebastian Sallans Profile

Class Act Trio

“His love for jazz goes back as far back as he can remember”

Class Act Trio Profile

Matt Smith

“It’s not just his playing that catches your ear, it’s also his unique singing voice in a wide range of genres including rock, country, bluegrass, ragtime, traditional blues, roots and contemporary songs.”

Matt Smith Profile

Spencer Evans

“Self described keyboardist/clarinetist/accordion player/singer/band leader/entertainer/music director/recording artist/composer/arranger/ham (sic), Evans’ eclectic musical taste ranges from jazz to funk, salsa to blues, soul to klezmer and celtic to swing.”

Spencer Evans Profile


County Magazine

A Series of articles on This Is My Canada/Mon Cher Canada

Fall Issue, 2019 “The Birth of A Song”

Winter Issue 2019 “The Early Years”

Spring Issue 2020 “The Olympic Years”

“The Little Song that Could” has garnered over 332,000 views on YouTube (as at March 23, 2020) and features David Clayton-Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears), Liberty Silver, Wilfred LeBouthillier, The Good Brothers, Jeanette Arsenault, Don Coleman and Young Singers conducted by Anna Lynn Murphy

View This Is My Canada/Mon cher Canada

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 The Calls:  Fall Inside

“What I am hearing in *Fall Inside* is a ‘60s sounding psychedelic guitar riff with a ‘70s sounding drum & bass groove”

Fall Inside Review

Dictator:  Anthem for a Doomed Youth

“There is a spunk & drive in the upcoming generation.  They see a broken world and they are determined to make it better.  Yes they are angry at what they see we’ve done with our turn at running the world”

Anthem For A Doomed Youth Review

Pretoria:  Skinny Dip

Which leads to another rule Pretoria breaks with “Skinny Dip” – they stop their infectious gotta-dance groove right in the middle of the song!  Who does that?

Skinny Dip Review

Nick Byrne:  Houses

“Had me at the opening guitar intro.  And then I heard his voice.  Can a person be hooked that quickly?”

Houses Review

Kleopatra:  Ukiyo

Shades of Sonny John Moore (aka Skrillex) juxtaposed with Japanese pop with a taste of Triphop and elements of Electronic Pop”

Ukiyo Review

Plastic Barricades:  Optimist

“Something I look for in a song – insightful, clever lyrics that bring you right into the heart of the song.”

Optimist Review