Welcome to episode 2 in my 2024 Monday Music Matters series of stories in memory and in honour of my daughter, Kait.

Feel free to read the first story last week about the Swahilian song, “Malaika”. It gives you a bit of a background story of why I embarked on this 52 week journey.

Click here to read more:  Malaika Story – LINK

Mother Goose Groove was written and recorded about 10 years ago.  I love the musical arrangement by Greg Geeves, my brilliant co-producer/arranger/musician. He was my “studio guy” for the 8 albums I released over the course of several years. 

Click below to hear the song:

Song Link: Mother Goose Groove

Greg always had an uncanny way to be able to play out loud the music that I could hear in my head. I would compose a song and he would always capture the essence, the mood, the style and what instruments to use. 

He literally put his heart and soul into all his studio projects, including mine.  His soul is very much in my recordings as much as is mine.  We co-created a lot of songs together and I’ve always said that his genius elevated my music.

We did so much together that it’s hard to say which came first:  the music or the Mother Goose rhymes. Can’t quite recall the process of choosing which of the story time rhymes to use. But I love how he created separate magical musical styles for each of them.

I remember when we decided to bring in Kait to sing background vocals. Of course she nailed it even better than we had imagined. That was always a given with her. She would surpass expectations and she would also put her heart and soul into each song. 

Kait Shannon, 2009

The best part for me are her cartoon characters at the end of the song when she creates character voices, on the spot, in the recording booth. 

What a talent. I know I’m her Mom but that girl was extraordinarily gifted in music. I am so so SO glad I captured her voice for so many of the children’s songs. There was no way I could listen to any of them for the longest time but I feel that now is the time to share them.

Enjoy the Mother Goose Groove & feel free to share the link with your children, grandchildren, friends’ children and grandchildren.  

Kait’s Comfort Kits

Here is a link to Kait’s Comfort Kits which were created to bring some comforts of home to long term hospital patients with a focus on cancer patients:

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