Artwork by Jessica Bell and her 2 sons,, Aiden, 11 and Isaac, 8.


Welcome to Episode 12 in my 2024 Monday Music Matters “Song-A-Week”series of stories in memory and in honour of my daughter, Kait

Today’s featured song is an instrumental song that I originally named “Children at Play”. However, after reading an article that explained why it was important to choose a name that is memorable or evokes a mood, I decided on “Let’s Go Play!” which changed the title from being passive to being active.  With it being a children’s song, I thought it sounded more friendly.

Link To Song: Let’s Go Play!

I also did something that I have never done before – I re-recorded this song, same melody, but at a much slower tempo.  I originally called it “Children At Rest” but now, ahem, being more informed, I called it  “Time To Sleep”and it will be featured in another post.

Kait Shannon ©2000

This song needs a happy home as a soundtrack for a cartoon or any videos that need lively music.  Feel free to share it with parents of young children, teachers, ECEs, Daycare staff, etc.

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The first story, “Malaika”, gives you a bit of a background of why I embarked on this 52 week journey.

Here is a link to Kait’s Comfort Kits which were created to bring some comforts of home to long term hospital patients with a focus on cancer patients

Website Link: Kait’s Comfort Kits