Welcome to Episode 16 in my 2024 Monday Music Matters “Song-A-Week”series of stories  in memory and in honour of my daughter, Kait

Birthdays are indeed fun!  And special too.  And of course we always traditionally sing the “Happy Birthday Song”.  But I was inspired to write this fun little Birthday song of my own which includes a line by my aunt, the late great Angèle Arsenault, who wrote: “And open all those birthday cards that say I love you” which gives it a special touch close to my heart.

The credit for the Birthday Song is a bit controversial – some say 2 sisters, Mildred and Patty Hill, wrote the tune but sang the words “Good Morning to All” back in 1893!

The combination of the words “Happy Birthday” appeared in 1912 but the version we know today was written by Robert Coleman in 1924.  Here is a link to the story:

Happy Birthday Song history

While we can never replace “Happy Birthday” – mais non! –  I thought that it’s such a short song, why not sing “Birthdays Aren’t They Fun” afterward?

Link to song

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Enjoy the beautiful artwork created by Jessica Bell and her 2 sons: Aiden, 11 and Isaac, 8 for the song & story.

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Children’s Music on YouTube

The first story, “Malaika”, gives you a bit of a background of why I embarked on this 52 week journey.

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