Six years ago my little spark flew off to celestial skies to be among the stars, the supernovas, nebulae and the mysterious black holes where she promptly lit up the purple night sky with her special glow.  She and I talked long into the night so many times in her hospital room about the Universe and even multiverses which she believed in.

Hard to believe she’s gone.  So far away yet still so near.  She manages to let me know she is still around with bursts of focussed energy that can only be explained because it’s her. I feel it right above my heart. She comes and she goes but she always manages to touch base.

I miss her madly.

I so appreciate all of you who kindly helped me stay afloat when I thought for sure I would drown.  Those of you who reached out again and again even when I didn’t have the energy to engage.  It’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it.  But my heart knows who you are because you are forever embedded there and I am forever grateful.

My life has started to wake up again and I am busier than ever.  And still she comes to me to remind me to breathe, to savour the day, to cling to what matters most. And remember who matter the most.

I read somewhere that the currency to heaven is love.  I like that thought.  Be kind always.  Remember that your blessings are found in your gratitude. And do me a favour – hug your child just a little closer for me and remember how much they are truly a blessing in your life. No matter how mad they may drive you time and time again! You are blessed to have been chosen to help them on their journey through life.

Feel Kait’s love wrapped around you.  Know that God has her lovingly in His arms. Know they both surround you and are there to comfort you as much as you need today and always.

Blessings & peace in abundance.

Feel free to read up on Kait’s Comfort Kits which were created to bring some comforts of home to long term hospital patients with a focus on cancer patients

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