Welcome to Episode 9 in my 2024 Monday Music Matters “Song-A-Week”series of stories in memory and in honour of my daughter, Kait.

This week’s song is called “Midnight”, a song that Kait wrote for her niece, Pasha, whose middle name is Midnight.  It’s such a beautiful song and reflects the beauty that Pasha is.  Just like her Mom, Polly (my stepdaughter).

Song link:  Midnight

Pasha has a passion for gymnastics.  So much so that I think her middle name should be Gumby (those of a certain age will remember this rubbery figure that could bend in all directions.  Just have a look at her signature stance and you will see what I mean.



She is blazing trails at her school having been accepted as the first female player on her school’s football team.  Go Pasha!

A beautiful heart and a bright light, I am loving to watch her grow and thrive as she discovers her passions. Pasha’s passions – gymnastics, singing, football, dancing. No matter what she does, she always beams like the bright sprite that she is. 

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The first story, “Malaika”, gives you a bit of a background of why I embarked on this 52 week journey.

Here is a link to Kait’s Comfort Kits which were created to bring some comforts of home to long term hospital patients with a focus on cancer patients.


Website Link: Kait’s Comfort Kits